"Humane Resources" Season Two

The question I get asked all the time is "when is Humane Resources: Season Two?" That's a great question. Here's my response.

Season two of "Humane Resources" is written and ready to shoot. The challenge is our budget. Now that audiences have met David, Sandy, and the rest of the staff at Chicago Humane, I needed a story that more actively included the plight of the animals themselves. In particular, one rescue dog plays a pivotal role.

What does that have to do with the budget? Well, for what this new furry friend would need to be safe and well treated on set, we need a variety of insurance, pet handler(s), and other measures on set to insure the well-being of the animal. We want to make sure any on set animals are safe and well treated.

Season two also introduces a number of new characters, including an emotional foil for Melissa. As the steadfast hard-ass of Chicago Humane, she is someone the staff dare not cross. But our new character gives her a run for her money which would be fabulous to see. Not to mention the love-triangle of David, Sandy, and Colin.

The follow up question to "when?" is "why are you launching other projects instead of focusing on 'Humane Resources?'" Also a good question that has two answers. On one hand, I'm working to raise awareness of the TenCat Creative message. Having more than one project to offer will help me do that. Some of these projects have been waiting in the wings for a while and I decided to move them forward.

The second answer is that some of these other projects are easier to do with a smaller budget. Hopefully, with a broader arsenal of content, approaching donors to build on 'Humane Resources" will be that much easier. 

But, you can help get us to a season two sooner. Share the show with your friends and family. Direct them to this website or send them to our YouTube or Vimeo channel. Join our mailing list for updates on our other projects and be sure to watch and share those as well.

Thank you so much for believing in this show, and the message of supporting no-kill shelters. I'm really proud of the second season and I can't wait to share it with you.

Shaun Baer